Upcoming citizens’ juries

Forest of Dean jury
The citizens’ jury about the location of a new community hospital in the Forest of Dean will run from 1pm on 30 July to 5pm on 3 August at Forest Hills Golf Club near Coleford, and will be open to public observers. The 18 members of the citizens’ jury have now been selected. For more information, click here

To learn how we select members of a citizens’ jury, click here

Why citizens’ juries?


Public authorities have many difficult decisions to make like: “how should we decide what drugs the NHS should pay for?” and “should there be fracking in Lancashire?”

Opinion polls are important. They tell us what citizens think. But most policy questions are complex. Citizens’ juries give participants reliable information and time to explore difficult questions. They can tell us something that opinion polls and focus groups don’t tell us: what citizens think once they better understand a policy question. That can help, and give legitimacy to, public authorities making decisions that affect the public. Citizens’ juries put the public into public policymaking.

What are citizens’ juries?

In a citizens’ jury, a cross-section of citizens (e.g. in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, education) are recruited and paid to tackle a public policy question like “should we have a sugar tax?”. They meet for several days and are provided with reliable, impartial information from expert witnesses. The jury members ask questions of the experts, and work together to reach group conclusions. Participants also complete questionnaires at the start and end of the jury to show how they change their minds as they better understand the problem they have been set.

The results are published, and can be fed back to public policymakers.

Citizens’ Juries c.i.c.


Citizens’ Juries c.i.c. is a social enterprise dedicated to designing and running citizens’ juries in partnership with the Jefferson Center, the US- based charity which developed the citizens’ jury method. Citizens’ Juries c.i.c. is supported by the University of Manchester. The Director is Dr Malcolm Oswald, an Honorary Research Fellow in Law at the University of Manchester.

Full details are published of two juries run in January 2016, and of two further juries commissioned by Connected Health Cities, and designed and run by Citizens Juries c.i.c. and the Jefferson Center in November 2016. The Office of the National Data Guardian commissioned a jury in January 2018 (details to be published soon).

Interested in commissioning a citizens’ jury?

5 reasons to choose Citizens Juries’ c.i.c to design and run your citizens’ jury:

  • The only organisation in the UK specialising in designing and running citizens’ juries
  • Delivered in partnership with the Jefferson Center – the founders of citizens’ juries
  • Rigorous methodology
  • Focused on minimising bias – a significant critique of citizens’ juries
  • Access to appropriate academic and non-academic expert witnesses.


Contact Citizens’ Juries c.i.c.

If you are interested in finding out more or in commissionning a citizens’ jury, please email Malcolm Oswald at info@citizensjuries.org