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Forest of Dean Citizens’ Jury

The citizens’ jury to recommend the location of the new community hospital for the Forest of Dean runs from 13.00 to 17.00 on 30 July, and then continues from 09.30 to 17.00 from 31 July to 3 August 2018. It will be held at Forest Hills Golf Club, Mile End Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 7QD. Public observers are welcome. The 18 members of the citizens’ jury have now been recruited.

Information for public observers

Members of the public are very welcome to observe the citizens’ jury proceedings. Food and drink may be purchased at the venue. The audience will be limited in size to those who can comfortably be seated in the room (approximately 30).

Whilst the public will be able to watch most of the proceedings, there may be periods when it is important for the jury to deliberate in private, and if so, Citizens Juries CIC staff will ask public observers to temporarily step outside, or into another room.

We ask public observers to:
• not speak to the members of the jury in, or outside, the citizens’ jury room throughout the duration of the event
• stay quiet at all times and not distract the members of the jury, or disrupt or influence the jury process
• if entering or leaving the citizens’ jury room, do so wherever possible during breaks, but if not as quietly as possible
• turn phones and electronic devices off, or to silent mode, and not film, record or photograph the jury proceedings or members of the jury
• direct any questions to Citizens Juries CIC staff, and only when outside the citizens’ jury room
• act respectfully to others in the citizens’ jury room.

18 jury members have been selected

The opportunity for local people to be part of the citizens’ jury was advertised in a variety of places, and 218 people living within the Forest of Dean District applied to be members of the jury. The 18 members of the citizens’ jury have now been selected (to see how the jury is selected, click here). Five reserve jurors have also been recruited. An email has been sent to all unsuccessful candidates.
The selection process for the citizens’ jury was designed to select a broadly representative sample of adults living in the Forest of Dean District. To find out more about the selection process and the characteristics of the people selected, download FoD jury members and their characteristics.

What will happen at the citizens’ jury

An overview of what will happen over the four and a half days of the jury will be published here in mid-July.